I’ve always been interested in taking photos. In highschool, I was always the one capturing all the moments. About six years ago I got a camera for Christmas and never did I dream that it would turn into such a beautiful blessing! I’ve met so many people and heard so many stories. I am back and forth from Flathead Valley and Wyoming and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities and VIEWS it has brought me! 

I love the whole process of photography, I love challenging my eye, I love showing my clients the “what you see and what I see” moments. My favorite time to edit is early early morning when the whole house is asleep and I’m sipping on hot coffee; I find myself to be the most creative during that time. 

If I’m not taking photos or editing, I’m spending time with my family. I have a wonderful husband, a son and a daughter, and a little 8 lb. yorkie. We love going on adventures, traveling, and experiencing new things together. They’re the light of my life and I feel like the luckiest person to get to walk through life with them.

My passion is to capture moments that you don’t even realize are happening! Very candid, very raw, very FUN! If that’s something you’re into, let’s talk!

My goal as a photographer is to capture the authenticity of your journey. The messy hair, the big giggly faces, the whisper in your ear that made you laugh so hard you almost fell over...

Capturing the Heart & Soul

I love capturing detail and small little moments that we all hold so dear to our hearts. The moment when your son is kissing the tip of your nose, or the moment the love of your life looks at you from the depth of his soul. My photography style is real life moments. There isn’t much posing, just real movements and moments! 

What it's like to work with me


Anissa Marie

"I will never forget my first experience with Photography By Brogan. My boyfriend was goofing around the whole time and I was taking it way too serious. Perfectionist’s can you relate? Little did I know that Brogan was capturing pure magic. Her calmness and sweet soul will make you feel beyond confident in front of the camera. Her editing process is very efficient and before I knew it, my photos were emailed to me. They were more than I could have ever imagined! Brogan is phenomenal at what she does. Individual shoots, couples, families, babies, she’ll exceed your expectations. Brogan is my photographer for every event, and for life. Thank you so much Brogan!!!"

Kind Words

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