Sunpoint: Glacier National Park Ceremony Location

April 14, 2024

There are a thousand reasons to come to Glacier National Park. You can come for pleasure, work, or to GET MARRIED!!!! It is a mix of nature, wildlife, grand views and turquoise waters. You’ll never experience anything like this anywhere else in the US. So in this blog, I’m super excited to talk about my favorite location at Glacier National Park to tie the knot! Couples absolutely love getting married at Sunpoint in Glacier National Park, and I adore capturing their elopement ceremonies at this stunning location. Imagine a location with beautiful mountains and the beautiful turquoise waters of St. Mary’s lake. This is the reality of Sunpoint! 


Reasons to have your elopement ceremony at Sunpoint!

1) You can have a total of 20 participants join you during your elopement at this location. So make sure to include any vendors: photographers, videographers, officiant, etc. to the list. However,  that is a really great number and can allow for your friends and family to join you! 

2) When it comes to views, Sunpoint at Glacier National Park does not mess around! You get both lake and mountain views. And they are GRAND!!!! This is by far one of the most grand views we have in the park. You can see what I mean by scrolling through this gallery!

3) When the lighting is right, the whole lake looks a stunning turquoise color. It’s absolutely STUNNING! 

4) There is no hiking required. Additionally, with a convenient parking lot and nearby restroom facilities, you can focus on saying “I do” without breaking a sweat. Plus, there’s a walking path leading to the ceremony site.

5) Located on the east side of the iconic Going-to-the-Sun Road, Sunpoint sets the stage for an elopement adventure. After exchanging vows in this beautiful location, you can hit the road and explore the wonders of Glacier National Park.

Here are a few other important factors to keep in mind!

  • Sunpoint is only open from late May to mid-October. So, plan accordingly if you’re wanting to elope at Sunpoint. 
  • Sunpoint can get windy so be prepared!
  • There isn’t any cell phone service at Sunpoint. However, a cell phone will be the least of your worries on your special day!

Ready to Elope at Sunpoint at Glacier National Park? 

I am SO ready to capture your elopement ceremony at Sunpoint at Glacier National Park, next! Let’s create magical memories together and make it unforgettable as heck! If you’re not 100% sold on Sunpoint yet check out my blog on Top 5 Glacier National Park Ceremony Locations for other options to consider. You can reach out to me here! I can’t wait to hear from you!

You’re in incredible hands, so leave the rest to me!