Elopement Photography Inspiration in The Mountains of Glacier National Park

November 15, 2023

So you’re planning an elopement in the mountains and you’re looking for elopement photography inspiration? First of all, HECK YES! There’s just nothing more romantic then planning an elopement in the mountains, and Glacier National Park is the perfect place to do so. If you aren’t set on your mountain elopement location, I highly suggest considering Glacier National Park. It’s full of so much beauty, diverse landscapes, and backdrops that will leave you breathless. Check out my “Top 5 Reasons to Have an Adventurous Elopement in Glacier National Park” for more 😉 Now, let’s dive into my top five elopements in the mountains of Glacier National Park that I have absolutely loved this year!

Photography by Brogan | Glacier National Park Elopement Photographer

1) Kourtney + Keaton’s Sunrise Elopement in Lake McDonald

I got to shoot Kourtney and Keaton’s “Mountain Engagement Session in Glacier National Park” earlier this year and got to know them a little bit! They’re so much fun and you can tell they are true soul mates! Fast forward to their elopement day. They wanted a sunrise time so they could enjoy the rest of the day hiking with their family! When we got to Lake McDonald at sunrise, it was brisk fall morning and there were bits and pieces of orange coming through the clouds. It was truly so magical. They shared their vows privately by the lake with Kourtney’s mom in the distance. After that, we started on bridal portraits and wow, they were stunning. Watching them interact together and share moments of true love was so touching.

After that, we headed over to the ceremony spot where all of their friends and family were waiting. Everyone got positioned and Kourtney walked down the aisle all while surrounded by Glacier’s gorgeous mountain views. Seeing Keaton watch her walk down the aisle made my eyes water. You could tell that is all he was seeing in that moment. After the big “I DO”, they celebrated with their friends and family and we finished off my taking some family photos and more bridals. This day is filled with such amazing elopement photography inspiration to see what your Glacier National Park elopement could look like too!

Wedding Vendors: Florals: Mums Florals | Dress: Anthropologie Weddings | Photographer: Photography by Brogan

2) Nicole + Jeff Sunrise Elopement Photography Inspiration in The Mountains at Many Glacier

We had an early wake up call for this sunrise elopement in the mountains at Many Glacier, but it was SO WORTH IT – literally such a great day for your elopement photography inspiration!!! I had never met Jeff or Nicole before, just talked with them on the phone. I immediately felt a connection with them when I met them. Such kind, caring and FUNNY humans! Their ceremony was one of the funniest ceremonies I’ve heard yet! It fit them both so well!! I’ll never forget it!

We then did some family photos and I took Jeff and Nicole around to explore! We hit up the main spots that I love to shoot at that show grand views of Many Glacier! It was chilly so we went inside the Many Glacier Hotel and did some more portraits around their beautiful staircase and piano (favvvv photos ever). Then Nicole said she really wanted to get some photos by this bridge she hiked to days before so we did it!!! Something you should take away from their experience is that it’s YOUR day! You get to do whatever you want! If you want to hike, LET’S DO IT! If you want to stay near and not go far, LET’S DO IT! I’m truly here for you and what you want to experience!!!

Wedding Vendors: Florals: Forage & Floral | HAMU: Beauty Bee | Video: Bre Kathleenn | Photography: Photography by Brogan

3) Ashleigh + Reed’s Adventure Elopement Photography Inspiration at Avalanche Lake

This one is going away in my folder of FAVORITE ELOPEMENTS FOREVER!!! It was such an experience for all three of us! I had been to Avalanche Lake before, but they hadn’t so I couldn’t WAIT to show them what all the hype was about! We first stopped at Lake McDonald to do some portrait shots and then drove to the Avalanche Lake Trailhead. We shot along the way, truly got to know each other, and had the best adventure!

I was getting so antsy when we were getting close because I couldn’t WAIT to see their reaction to seeing the lake for the first time. I wanted to capture their reaction, so I went ahead of them and wow, their faces lit up and they were in awe! The lighting was absolutely gorgeous because we shot close to sunset so it was just completely magical. The lake was completely calm and still. It wasn’t very busy so we almost had the lake to ourselves. Ashleigh and Reed were so into each other, just loving every second of it. They even got in the water at the end to hop on this rock, which I LOVE . I am ALL about adventure! So, if you are looking for an adventure, then this is going to be your number one elopement photography inspiration!

4) Kaeley + Aaron’s Elopement on the Going to the Sun Road

Kaeley and Aaron’s family were so inviting and so incredible to work with!! Their ceremony was breathtaking! They set up a cake table that was something out of a storybook! The mom hand made all of those tiny charcuterie boxes! What a fun idea! We all shared a gorgeous ceremony together with the most gorgeous lighting and then headed into the park to explore. One thing I can say about this couple is they are just FUN!!! Their energy, their vibe, everything! They had me laughing most of the night! The thing that stood out to me the most about their elopement was not only their love but the weather and how the lighting was throughout the day. So beautiful. It’s like Glacier National Park knew they were having an elopement in the mountains that day. It matched their personalities so much!

Wedding Vendors: Florals: Mums Floral | Dress: Lillian West | Cake: MT Wildflour HAMU: Emily | Video: Joshua James Films | Photography: Photography by Brogan

5) Taylor + Anthony Elopement in The Mountains at St. Mary’s

And last but certainly not least is Taylor and Anthony’s elopement at St. Mary’s! I think the biggest thing I took away from this elopement is it’s REALLY important to hire a local photographer for somewhere like this. A few days before their elopement, Glacier got a huge storm which shut down some of the park (specifically the part of the park that they were planning on going after their ceremony). Because of this, we had to come up with a plan B. I know the park like the back of my hand so I was able to provide them with other locations that would still give them those grand views.

It was fall in Glacier National Park, but it had just snowed so there were orange and yellow colors everywhere with snow covered mountains in the distance! The views were absolutely gorgeous and magical! It was very windy that night too and luckily, Taylor had this gorgeous flowy dress on so it created so much drama in their photos! I fell in love! It was stunning. Something to take away from their session is, you cannot control the weather in Montana. It can be very unpredictable at times, so my advice is to just embrace whatever comes your way. Keep a positive attitude and just trust that whatever happens, will still be so magical!

Wedding Vendors: HAMU: Covet Beauty Bar | Florals: Flowers Child Florals | Photography: Photography by Brogan

Inspired to Plan an Adventurous Elopement in The Mountains of Glacier National Park?!

If these five Glacier National Park elopements haven’t inspired you to start planning your own elopement in the mountains, then I don’t know what will! All I know is that I’ll be swooning over these couples and their elopements for forever!

Thinking about your own Glacier National Park elopement and loved these elopement photography inspiration photos? Check out my guide on “How To Elope In Glacier National Park“! This guide is PACKED with information that you’ll need to know when eloping in the GNP! Information like the best ceremony locations, lodging, restaurants in the area, and more! And if you’re looking for an all inclusive elopement experience where the details are all ironed out for you and all you have to do is show up, I offer that too! Let’s do the dang thing! You can learn more about me here. If I sound like the perfect Glacier National Park elopement photographer for you, then inquire with me here because I can’t wait!

You’re in incredible hands, so leave the rest to me!